Ants vs Termites

Ants vs. termites in Lexington

Guarantee Pest Control, Inc. can help you find out the difference between ants vs. termites. Do you have swarming insects around your property? If you see winged ant-like insects around your property, you need to find out if they are ants or subterranean termites. If they are swarming termites, there is an established colony nearby looking for new nesting areas, which that means your home is in danger. We have listed some ways to tell one from another here, but if you aren't sure, call us to come and take a look for you.

Termite control

There are three main types of termites, workers, soldiers, and queens. Workers bring food to the colony, soldiers protect the colony from ants and other invaders, and the queen lays eggs. Each looks a bit different, but all three are considered part of a termite colony.
Ant vs termite in Lexington, KY

Ants and termites

Regular ants are easy to confuse with termites. The primary differences between winged ants and termite queens is in the body shape and the wings. One helpful hint is that ants have a segmented waist and termite waists are thick. Termite queens have straight antennae, while the ants antennae are bent. Both pair of wings on a termite queen are the same length, while flying ants have two different sizes.

Where termites are found

Most termites live in the ground, or are hidden away inside of wood. Since termite reproductives swarm to find new colonies, you may see them outside at times. If you have any doubt as to whether or not you are dealing with termites or ants, please give our office a call and we will be glad to send someone out to take a look.
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