Bed Bugs

Banish bed bugs in Lexington

Guarantee Pest Control, Inc. can assist you with eliminating bed bugs in your home or at your business. This is an infestation that frequently requires professional assistance to address. Bed bugs can be extremely difficult to locate and are very hard to get a handle on overall. Our many years of experience position us as the experts you can trust when it comes to ridding your space of these nasty bugs. Bed bugs bite humans, and they can be an extreme nuisance, not just an inconvenience. Call our team in Lexington to set up an appointment for service. See our tips below for bed bug prevention. It is important to make sure you keep an eye out for these critters, especially when traveling or bringing used items into you home.

Bed bug prevention

Preventing bed bugs is far easier than getting rid of them, so this area should always be a priority. When traveling, inspect beds and furniture in hotels for signs of bed bugs. Vacuum out suitcases after returning home. Use caution when purchasing items that are used, as bed bugs can come into the home on everything from blankets to clothing. Bites on the skin can also be a sign. If you do spot any signs of bed bug infestation, address it immediately, as they can reproduce quickly.

Eliminating bed bugs

At Guarantee Pest Control, Inc. we have reliable methods for ridding your home or business of bed bugs. Contact us right away if you think you may have a bed bug problem. Our expert team has the knowledge to asses your situation and let you know if they are present. We will talk you through our plans for getting rid of the bugs in your home, and we can get started right away. Let our many years of experience work to your advantage. Call us today.
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